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Energy Saving Tips

There are some energy efficiency tips to save your energy cost


Energy efficiency definitely means it can reduce your monthly energy usage to result in saving your monthly utility cost eventually , and it also inquired you to acknowledged that where it’s wasted and how energy is used for your home , and how it can increase more effectively and efficiently than your previous lifestyle on your daily life. It will not only be beneficial for you and your family but also beneficial for society and environment. Please find the following tips regarding How to increase more energy efficient in your home , as following :


No 1. To reduce the air conditioner’s costs down during the warmer months by using fans and keep your doors, windows, and shades closed during the day to reduce heat emission in by sunlight .

No 2 .Caulking for cracks, gaps, leaks of door and windows , filling insulation for electrical outlet and adding insulation for attic can save up to 25 % on home heating and cooling costs.

No 3. Replace your paper filters or Clean your electronic filer in your home once every three months . Dirty filters make your equipment work harder and run longer than usual, reduce lifespan of your equipment.

No 4. Always close blinds, shades, and drapes to avoid sunny light to emission into your home during the day to help keep the house cooler bringing the temperature to a comfortable level.

No 5. To Set up the temperature of your thermostat as high as possible for your comfortable level in the summer. The key point is that the smaller of the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your cooling bill during hot season will be for sure .

No 6. If your old home was installed with single-layer windows for a long time ago ,now it is the time to consider replacing them with more energy efficient windows such as two layers or three layers of energy star .

No 7. When the lights, TV , or electrical outlets , or appliance were not in use , please turn off them all the time , lighting counts for about 15 % of a traditional residential utility bills.

No 8. The location of your thermostat must be away from heat appliances which give off heat and effect operating inaccurate so that it cost your furnace or a/c to work harder and more money .


There are also high efficient equipment to save your energy , as following :

At most houses in Ontario , the main portion for the most energy consumption is around 80% of the whole of your utility bills for heating and cooling to the home , the second portion at 20% of the whole of your utilities bills is for your hot water consumption . so it is better to upgrade to high efficiency models such as over 95% AFUE(annual fuel use efficiency ) furnace and over 15 seers (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) air conditioner model , so you can save up to 40% your annual energy consumption eventually .Of course , The age, condition and efficiency of your existing  appliances also effect how much energy you use, so it’s important to keep them in good working order.


Heating your house by upgrading high efficient Furnace or high efficient equipment

Due to heating house accounts for about 80 per cent of your utility bill, it is the time to upgrade your furnace from low efficient or mid efficient furnace to high efficient furnace in Ontario , in particularly, Enbridge or Union gas has green incentive program to help out the qualified residential owners to upgrade it by supporting for green incentive rebate.


Cooling your house by upgrading high efficient air conditioner .

The hot for the residential house cann’t avoid in the summer , and higher electricity bills cannot avoid either , the only one way to reduce the cost for electricity bills is to upgrade from Lower seers air conditioner such as 8 or 10 seers to 15 seers high efficiency air conditioner units , to save up to 35% portion out of the entire cost by cooling the house .

Heating Your Water by High efficiency tankless

Saving Hot Water Makes a Difference on Your Bill

On average, heating water accounts for about 20 per cent of most natural gas bills. But you can cut hot water costs by upgrading from your conventional water heater to high efficiency tankless , changing a few habits and reducing wasted water.




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