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Important warning signs(Air Conditioner)

Your existing air conditioner is about to be replaced or repair soon ?

In spring before hot summer is approaching , it is more important for this right time to check your air conditioner out , if you still have low efficiency or mid efficiency air conditioner , you had better look into replace to high efficiency instead of continuing to operating low efficiency or mid efficiency air conditioner , as you know , high efficiency air conditioner not only keep you cool for  all summer , but also saving up to 30% of monthly utilities bill such as your hydro bills at cooling portion,so as a household owner, there are also couple important signs to show that your air conditioner need to be replaced or repaired soon , as following :

No 1 . have you seen any kind of leakage of water or moisture for plenum duct , or condensing water drain tube ?

Once you walked to basement for the area of air conditioner’s coil , you can find out some blue chemical impurity substance attached to plenum duct and drained duct along the duct from air conditioner coil spot all way down to furnace ,even down to floor , the blue chemical impurity substance is generated by evaporate copper coil with condensing water and it can caused by the leakage of refrigerant , refrigerant leakage can result in serious health problem for your and your family , so you would better call licensed technician to repair it for you immediately , another issue is water leakage for condensing water inside the plenum duct, if the drain tube has been blocked by dust or dirt , the water could be leaked from duct , or it can create mold growth if the drain tube can’t be repaired on time .

No 2, Have you heard from noisy strange sound from outdoor condensing unit ?

Once you walked out the house to close by outdoor condensing unit , Squealing, grating, rattling sounds from your outdoor condensing units might be warning sign that you need a replacement high efficiency unit. These strange noises concluded that something must be wrong inside the unit. Failure to service the unit immediately could result in the whole air conditioner system to be broken down shortly .

the belt inside outdoor condensing unit has slipped out of its place therefore it creating squealing noise , meanwhile , It may also indicate that some metal parts inside condensing unit require more lubrication. The motor’s bearings are broken therefore creating grinding sound.

No 3, Have you felt no cool air which came from supply vent at all ?

If no cool air came from your supply registered vents at all , and the blower of furnace is working normally , it means that the compressor inside outdoor condensing unit may be broken down, or failure to work properly , and also another reason may be the pressure of refrigerant level is too low , so you are ready to upgrade to high efficiency units up to 15 seers to save your monthly hydro cost.

No 4, Have you received worst and weak air flow from your air conditioner ?

If you realized weak or little air flow through supply vent from your air conditioner , the sign means that unit’s compressor may be failure. However, there are cold air in some area and no cool air in other rooms or area , the sign means that this is poor duct work design or install , you need to upgrade to high efficiency ac units ,during the time is passed,  dirt or dust can get stuck in your air conditioning vents. Not only this blocked airflow, but it also presents a health risk to you and your family. So you have to schedule ducts cleaning is a best way to make sure airflow smoothly and ensure that your air conditioner system is working well once you need it .

No 5, Have you checked your thermostat regularly ?

Checking out your thermostat regularly is very important to make sure the whole system work properly , shortage for battery , not setting up right temperature , or set up cooling as heating to mix it up. In particularly , wifi thermostat is modern thermostat such as ecobee , or nest wifi, or honeywell wifi etc.

No 6, Have you smelled out stranger odors from your existing air conditioner ?

If any Irritate smells from your air conditioning outdoor condensing unit , the sign dedicated that your air conditioner’s wire insulation had burned out. Damp , Musty smells generally indicates that there is mold growth inside your evaporate coil or duct work which must be cleaned out immediately , it would be effective for you and your family health problem.

As a result , we would like to help you out to resolve all problems regarding your air conditioner’s efficiency , your comfort , increase the protection for your heath , so if you realize all above issue or signs , please dont hesitate to call toll free at 1-800-887-2058 in details


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