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Your air conditioner required repair or service ? if you have following issues regarding your air conditioner , please dont hesitant to call us at anytime at 7/24/365, we are here to help you out cooling down from disaster heat , so if you found out and recognized the following scenarios :


No 1, when you turn on the thermostat , furnace wasn’t working at all and outdoor condensing unit wasnt running either, once you checked the breaker of your air conditioner which is normal to run inside electricity general panel , it need service or repair soon.

No 2, when the blower of furnace was working , however, the outdoor of condensing unit wasn’t working or running at all , which means some parts for outside condensing units may be broken down , it need service or repair soon.

No 3, when air supply or air flow is working normally , however , not too much cool air had been supplied by registered vents , which means your air conditioner may be shortage of refrigerant, it need service or repair soon .

No 4, If you heard about rattle , noisy sound from outdoor condensing unit , it may broken down for fan coil of air conditioner , it need service or repair soon .

No 5, If the coil of air conditioner which is indoor units of your air conditioner created ice in the summer , it means over cooling for the house , or coil may be dirty , the air cann’t pass through coil from blower , or the size of coil is too big and required downgrade the size , it need service or repair soon .

No 6, If sometimes when you turn on thermostat , the blower of furnace run for one or two minutes , it will stop automatically , please check the filter of furnace which may be too dirty and require clean or replacement soon .

As a result , if you have above issues for your existing air conditioners ,  Ener home services always provided fast , professional , quality service and repair service for our customers ,our licensed technicians will make sure that the temperature can be reliable to set up at comfort level which you felt , your air conditioner can running smoothly all year-round for the comfort temperature inside your house no matter what the temperature outside . please dont hesitate to call Ener Home Services at 1-800-887-2058

Why should you choose Ener home Services Inc. As you air conditioner supplier , we always promised :

  • We always offer lower and competitive quotes for our customers.
  • We always Install , Service fast for our customers .
  • We always provided for 7/24 hour emergency service.
  • We always put your comfort as our priority and resolved all issues for your air conditioner .


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