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Important Waring Signs (Furnace)

Your existing Furnace is about to be replaced or repair soon ?

In fall before winter is approaching , it is more important for this right time to check your furnace out , if you still have low efficiency or mid efficiency furnace , you can absolutely consider to replace to high efficiency instead of continuing to operating low efficiency or mid efficiency furnace , as you know , high efficiency furnace not only keep you warm all winter , but also saving up to 40% of monthly utilities bills such as your natural gas , and your electricity bills ,so as a household owner,  there are couple signs to show that your furnace need to be replaced or repaired soon :

No 1,  what kind of the color for the burner flame is inside your existing furnace ?

Once you open cabinet cover of existing furnace , once you viewed burner flame as a bright and sustained color , so your furnace burn completely and release carbon dioxide which is exhausted to outside of the house through existing chimney or venting pipe , so it is good to operate for a while , on the contrary , if you viewed the flame of the burner as a tiny or huge yellow color or flickering status as a dangerous signal ,the burner indicates it burned natural gas incompletely  , and then generate the highly toxic carbon monoxide which will cause damage for any person who lived in the house . Other signs of carbon monoxide generated by furnace is as following :

□ Dirt or Rust on vent pipe viewed from outside

□ Water stained or leakage from vent , and chimney.

□ Redundant Moisture for the doors, windows , walls , or other cold areas

□ Redundant Rusting for appliances, piping , or piping connections .


No 2,  Do your furnace making strange noises than before ?

Once you went to the basement , do you hear the noises which came form your existing furnace with Impacting , grunting, or rattling sounds , and then you can continue to check if the sound of your blower made or not , if yes , it dedicated that the lifespan of your existing furnace is going to the end soon , you can consider to replace to the new high efficiency furnace .


No 3,  the age of your existing furnace is over 10 years old ?

Normally , lots of different furnaces brands over 10 years old werent covered or under for parts warranty of manufactures, so if your existing furnace is over 10 years old , it wasnt on high efficiency model , it is the time to consider to install 95% AFUE high efficiency furnace or over , because there are green incentive rebate programs in Ontario to support the household owners at the big portion to cover the cost for equipment and installation to upgrade their old inefficiency heating furnace system to high efficiency energy star furnace with rebate model .

No 4, have you suffered and getting tired to pay higher monthly utilities bills ?

As you know , The monthly utilities bills are including your monthly natural gas , propane , oil , or electricity bill for heating for your house , however, there are lots of household owners in Ontario to talk about the utilities bills are getting higher and higher each year, as a matter of the fact , your monthly natural gas or electricity bill are equal and based on your monthly rate ×your monthly usage , right?  The answer is that you cannot control for monthly fluctuate gas or electricity rate which is set up by ontario energy board , so the only one way if you want to take action is to reduce your monthly usage , but how could you be successfully to control or reduce your usage is that you have to install and use high efficiency energy star furnace in your house to meet this requirement eventually , Furnace start to lose its efficiency as it became older , old inefficiency furnace cost you more and more money to burn fuel every single date , that is why once you upgrade your furnace , you may receive incentive rebate from Enbridge , or Union gas for your new high efficiency furnace to reduce your utilities bill.

No 5, have you request more frequent repairs for your furnace ?

Most furnace over 10 years may need repairs at some points during its lifespan . there are more than 20 major parts which may break down at any time , so you have to spend over $300 to $600 , sometimes it is over $1000 on each visit by license technician including diagnosis fee and repair fee , if you request service calls all the time with the short time , this is the signal to dedicate that your furnace need to be upgrade to high efficiency , you can stop to waste your money to repair rather than replace it with high efficiency furnace .

No 6, Have you checked your thermostat to work properly ?

The Major problem between thermostat and furnace are communicated properly with each other , you have better check the battery is running out with empty screen , you have to walk through your house a little bit to check out something is blocked for the registered vents such as sofa , chair , table etc , supply air cannot run smoothly and pass through vents to create good air circulation ,if yes , please remove it and then your thermostat will work properly because it feel the temperature surrounding it and then it will adjust the temperature and send the signal to furnace to instruct it to work to hit the set temperature .so if you need to adjust the temperature all the time , that means the thermostat has problem for sure .

No 7, have you felt your indoor air quality comfortable , dry or wet ?

Does you feel too dry or stale in your house once your existing furnace are working during winter time , the dry or stale air will effect your skin , nose or throat or may cause other heath problem , plus winter indoor allergy became serious than before ,  dust accumulation problems , cracking wood floors etc,  these signs dedicated it is time to upgrade your furnace to high efficiency furnace which is able to get rid of the worst air and add moisture for more comfort for your house and make sure the persons as you or your family who lived inside it feel more comfortable and more health.

Conclusion , we would like to help you out to resolve all problems regarding your furnace’s efficiency , your comfort , increase the protection for your heath , so if you realize all above issue or signs , please dont hesitate to call toll free at 1-800-887-2058 in details .

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