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Cooling Maintenance plan


Checking and Inspecting 21 points inspection on priority


Air conditioner with cooling portion :


Checking and key points by priority


*Checking operation of evaporator coil and condensate system

*Checking operating pressures and temperature of equipment

*Testing Unit through full operational and safety cycle per manufacturer’s specifications

*Checking current draw on fan/compressor

*Checking Ambient CO ppm

*Checking Supply temperature °C/°F

*Checking Return temperature °C/°F

*Checking Signs of refrigeration leak

*Checking Ozone depletion records completed

*Cleaning Evaporator coil for loss hair and debris by vacuum.

*Cleaning outdoor condensing units by vacuum.


Safety checking

*Checking signs of refrigeration leak

*Checking Ozone depletion records completed


Reliable and comfort checking

*Checking general equipment condition

*Checking age of equipment (years)

*Checking outdoor condenser condition

*Checking refrigerant type

*Checking air filtration condition

*Checking Last duct Cleaning (years)


Checking for Energy Efficiency

*Checking Equipment energy efficiency (SEER)

*Checking Electricity savings when replacing with high efficiency equipment

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