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About Tankless System

Why the tankless become popular now ? it is really benefit for the residential owner to upgrade from regular tank to tankless system ?

In nowadays , More and more residential owners preferred to upgrade from conventional tank or power vent tank to high efficiency tankless which is that With higher efficiency ratings and groundbreaking designs, tankless water heaters feature non-condensing and condensing technology and are part of a new era in water heating. The features for tankless is as following :

No 1, Saving space , the residential household owner tried to take up more space for the children’s entertainment rather than wasting for the traditional big water tank once they renovate their basement , the tankless can be mounted on the wall with narrow space rather stealing the are ground floor .

No 2, Saving energy cost , due to on-demand design structure , it means that only when the owner request the hot water , and then it works , once the shower or tap shut off , it stop immediately , so it is totally different from the traditional water tank with combustion system in the bottom of tank which has to work all the time at 24 hours once the temperature of water inside the tank is lower than 60°C , on and off all the time , that is why the tankless can save your energy cost .

No 3, Never run out of the hot water , due to the tankless worked with the huge capacity at BTU which is over 150,000btu which is different lower btu at 40,000 btu tank so it can heat the water instantly and consistently and never run out of the hot water again .

No 4, it is more quiet operating because the tankless doesnt carry on the motor of traditional tank which can make too much noisy for the whole house  .



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