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How to maintain the furnace in Good Condition all years round.



As you can view the before and after pictures which must be done by licensed technician and they can clean up Heat ex-changer , blower , induce motor , mother board ,etc at 21 points and spots of furnace to make sure it will be clean exactly the same as you did the maintenance for your vehicle regularly , change oil, filter etc .because this is very most important to extend the lifespan of existing furnace .

Dirt is the biggest problem of your furnace. It can waste fuel and lower efficiency. Dirt affects all three basic components of your furnace such as the filter system, the blower, and the motor , Dirt also can cause the unit to become overheat which will shortage the life of furnace , and broken down shortly .so cleaning is the most important part of regular maintenance.

Old and inefficient furnace should be replaced or cleaned at the beginning of the heating season and about once a month during periods of continuous use. Normally hire licensed technician to do 21 points inspection in detail carefully .


FURNACE FILTER REPLACEMENT ON TIME REGULARLY ?, this is the most important for the owner to do so to help the home owner to postpone the life of furnace and make sure sure the furnace working properly .


As you can see , the filter on the left hand side is so dirty when you pull out from filter rack every four months if you turn your furnace on or turn your air conditioner on , so you can recognize it and must replace the new one immediately , why is so important to replace it immediately ? as you can view the picture of right hand side , if you don’t replace it , it will block air flow to pass through filer smoothly ,because all dirt such as hair and dust etc.are attached with filters, it can cause blower of furnace to stop working so that it result that the whole furnace wasnt working properly , so the a/c wasnt working properly either because the blower of furnace dont work .


Where is filter located and how to replace it?


The filter is normally inserted inside the filter rack where is located between furnace and return duct , the main function of furnace filter is to protect the blower fan from all dust , hair, and other gunk the return duct pulls in , while it will also help the quality of your inside air (as it is removing contaminants from being recirculated its job is not actually clean your air as many people believe. You can easily for finding out the location by viewing the following picture. Besides regular filter at 1inch×16 inch×25 inch , the home owner need to replace it every four months , if the filer is at 4 inch ×16 inch ×25 inch , it need to replace every six months , or electronic air cleaner which can be washable by every four months as well



As the owner can view the pictures , can you image before and after , that is absolutely different , Cleaning Main supply duct , plenum duct ,return duct ,and rounded branch duct are more important for the whole system ,so

Why is duct cleaning so important for the household owner ?

For clean air circulation: Periodic duct cleaning helps us to prevent allergies, and breathing problems due to removal of dust, mold and pet hair. We tend to inhale fresh and clean air when ducts are clean and well maintained. Whenever people move to a new home, construction material can be found left behind. Hence, duct cleaning is highly recommended before moving into a new property.

To maintain good equipment health: A regular maintenance of any machine gives you better results. So, when you are giving importance to regular cleaning of ducts, it gives a better airflow in no time which helps to minimize the energy bills. Dirty ventilation system leads to dirty furnace filters and clogged coils which affect the life of the equipment. Regular duct maintenance prevents all these issues, emergency breakdowns and gives you a fresh air to inhale.


Clean air ducts gives you clean air circulation which means good house hygiene and less housework! If you just moved into a new home or have recently renovated or you dont do duct cleaning for the past two years , then getting your ducts cleaned is strongly recommended to be done asap, the benefits are as following :

Extend equipment life:   Dirty ventilation systems can lead to clogged coils and furnace filters as well as contaminated blower wheels. By providing regular maintenance to your homes duct work you are extending the life of the equipment.

Lower your energy bill:   By removing the build-up of debris in your air ducts, you instantly create better airflow. This process contributes to less expensive heating and cooling costs by increasing the circulation of air throughout the ducts.

Improve your home hygiene:   When you clean your air ducts you are removing the dust and debris that would be blown around your home. Less dust and dirt, equals less housework!

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