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WATERITE carbon filter

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WATERITE carbon filter

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Also called carbon filter , the water filtration system is designed to reduction of chlorine and its by-products , THMS, VOCS, organic color, H2S, odors and particulate

What is Chlorine ?

Chlorine has been used to disinfect water for consumption to eliminate waterborne disease for decades. It is extremely effective at killing pathogens and diseases. It is widely used because it’s inexpensive and easy to control and monitor. Chlorine easily maintains a residual level in the water distribution that continues protecting drinking water supplies from bacteria growth for municipal water , or called city water . This is why chlorine is considered one of the best disinfecting agents. Despite its effectiveness and inexpensive ability to disinfect the water supply, chlorination has some problems of its own.

Private well users may or may not be using chlorine to disinfect the water as they do have some choice in the type of disinfection. City water users do not have control of the disinfection methods and chlorine is most commonly used.


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