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Traditional Conventional vented water heaters are one of the most used gas water heater used on older houses normally ,also called CV tank , it consist of a gas burner and a steel cylinder with insulation with storage tank type water heater to store hot water.

A conventional vent tank is required on most standard natural gas water heaters. Conventional vents can be either type of a B metal vents or a tile-lined brick chimney, a chimney liner is by-law required in Canada for safety concerns.Normally , The conventional vent can be combined and shared with most standard mid-efficiency furnaces or boilers due to older mechanical design.

A conventional water tank does not need an electrical plug-in at all surrounding  the water tank . And it does not require electricity.the advantage is that once in cased a power outage due to winter storm , the resident still can be consist to use hot water all the time once the natural gas can be supplied .

Model: CV40, CV50, CV60

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