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Water Softener

Hard water came from Municipal water or city water and fills the tank . as it passed through the resin bed , the ions of hard water are attached to the Resin by the time , water reached the bottom of the tank , it is soft , to wash off hard water , Minerals from the resin , salt water is injected into the softener , anyway , water softener remove hardness- causing minerals , chlorine and other organic materials ,as a result , soft water will make hair to last for long time to treat the frequency loss of hair individually , it will reduce the scale and deposit inside water plumbing pipes, branch tube , plumbing fixtures .it may result in Less hair loss and good for health , Less repairs and related cost for water tank , dryer , washer , dish washer , shower head , faucets , appliances etc , saving on the amount of shampoo , conditioner your family daily spends and Saving up to $73 per month because it result in less soap, detergent, and saving monthly natural gas fee and hydro fee for the water tank , dishwasher , and clothes washer due to all appliances will work more smoothly than before.

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