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High efficiency Natural gas boiler

A high efficiency natural gas Boiler, also known as a condensing Boiler, is one of the most efficient heating system, because it provides your home with ideal heating comfort while using less energy than older conventional boiler models. the innovative structure of High efficiency boiler are designed to extract additional heat from natural gas and, since they are working , the flue gases condense, and turn to water— As a result, the name condensing boiler and provide high level of efficient heat to save more energy cost for the home owner .

Not only the efficiency of boiler is more important for the household owner , but also the capacity and size of boiler is also more important for the household owner , such as the capacity and size is classified into 84,000BTU , 106,000 BTU , 125,000 BTU , 160,000btu , all factor are resulted in the comfort , efficiency , sound level , to cover unheated area of the whole house system.

Due to your gas boiler can be one of most valued and safe appliance that you have in your home. So it is more important to require professional and expert experience consultant who can help you out to choose the right size for an Energy-Star gas boiler from Ener home service inc. We offer only high-efficient gas boiler that have the best features and benefits, safe and efficiency , please don’t be hesitate to pick up the phone to book a no cost, no commitment in-home assessment now and start saving , and enjoy today !


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