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High efficiency air conditioner

 High efficiency and High Seers means High savings , replace your old , inefficient Air conditioner which was operating at 8 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio ) for years , it is time to upgrade now to Ener home services at 14.5 seers, or 16 seers energy star Air conditioner , you may save up to 40% on the air conditioning portion of your electricity bill ,

High efficiency Coil Means rebates , All of our air conditioning systems are equipped with brand new high efficiency coils which qualifies the product for Rebates and result in Maximized savings for you .

R-410 Refrigerant which is new refrigerate Means better for your home and the environment , making it more friendly than R-22 old refrigent which damage to OZONE and R-410 also help increase durability and reliability of air conditioner compressors .

Not only the efficiency of air conditioner is more important for the household owner , but also the capacity of air conditioner and the size of existing duct work is also more important for the household owner , such as the capacity is classified into 1.5 tons,  2 tons , 2.5tons, 3 tons , 3.5tons , 4 tons , 5 tons , and the duct size of plenum is classified into 16inch*20inch , 18 inch *20 inch , 20 inch * 20 inch , 20 inch * 24 inch etc , the duct size of return is 8 inch * 18 inch , 9 inch * 20 inch , 10 inch * 22 inch , 12 inch * 22 inch etc , all factor are resulted in the comfort , efficiency , sound level of the whole house system , to cover uncool area of the whole house system.

Due to your air conditioner can be one of most valued and safe appliance that you have in your home. So it is more important to require professional and expert experience consultant who can help you out to choose the right size for an Energy-Star air conditioner from Ener home service inc. We offer only high-efficient air conditioner that have the best features and benefits, safe and efficiency , please don’t be hesitate to pick up the phone to book a no cost, no commitment in-home assessment now, start saving and enjoy today !

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