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The Tahoe BRS Technical Stuff

Model Capacity (K) Grains Water (USG) Recovery Salt (lbs.) Recovery Salt Saving
T30MABTBBRS 30 3.0 1.3 13.8%
T40MABTBBRS 40 4.0 2.0 15.3%
T50MABTBBRS 50 5.0 2.9 17.9%
T60MABTBBRS 60 6.0 3.2 16.2%
T75MAATBRS 75 7.5 4.0 16.2%
T90MAATBRS 90 9.0 5.0 17.1%
T120MAATBRS 120 12.0 7.9 20.2%

The above table shows what an average family home, equipped with a 50,000 grain capacity Tahoe BRS water softener can save in salt and water annually. With one regeneration per week, the home will save 260 US gallons (988 liters) of water and 150 pounds (68 kilograms) of salt every year. Over the life of your softener, that adds up to thousands of pounds of salt and thousands of gallons of water.


We can help you choose the perfect system for you home and show you how you easily you can own a Tahoe BRS and start saving today!

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